Injectable Glow – The Skincare Revolution You Need to Know About

The way we think about injectables is changing, for the better. The percentage of Irish people interested in non-surgical cosmetic procedures is on the rise and so too are the advancements in these non-surgical treatments.

Modern aesthetic medicine is focused on “tweakments”. These are treatments that are designed to enhance your beauty in a noticeable but natural way. The search for eternal youth is thankfully in the past and we are now talking about age maintenance and treatments that allow us to look our best at any age.

Our growing desire to look our best which for most of us means looking healthy and well, is met by a new wave of injectable treatments. These modern treatments are a hybrid, designed to offer the longevity and potency of a clinical procedure but with the softness and natural finish associated with skincare.

I’m sure we have all heard of hyaluronic acid (HA), the miracle molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in moisture, Not only is it found in the most popular skin products on the market, it, alongside many powerful skin boosting vitamins and antioxidants, forms the basis for the modern ‘injectable glow’ treatments. So what is ‘injectable glow’?

Put simply, it’s the skincare revolution that’s taking aesthetics and skin health by storm. It’s the ultimate pick me up that results in long-lasting dewy, healthy skin. It is underpinned by skin science and the knowledge that our skin is a very effective barrier. By injecting hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants just beneath the skin surface we essentially by-pass this barrier and can achieve far superior results compared to applying topical serums and creams.

At the forefront of this skincare revolution is Profhilo. It offers skin rejuvenation with minimal downtime. It delivers hyaluronic acid via five small injections on either side of the face.

The hyaluronic acid spreads out once injected, forming a water-binding layer under the skin. Not only does the skin achieve a beautifully hydrated glow but Profhilo also kick-starts your own collagen and elastin production which we know starts to slow in our late 20’s. That’s a double win for Profhilo in helping us to age positively!

How does it work? Essentially by going beneath the skin you achieve a long-lasting hydration and smoothness that no serum could achieve because of the effectiveness of the skin barrier.

For anyone worried about the idea of injectable hyaluronic acid-based skincare, rest assured, Profhilo differs from traditional dermal fillers because it doesn’t add any volume to the face. It simply results in plumper, tighter, fresher and more youthful skin. It’s also a fantastic treatment for, the often forgotten, creapy skin on the neck.

Next up in injectable glow is Aquagold. This is a device designed to deliver a customised blend of ingredients to the level of the dermis (the skins second layer). It is a new treatment in Ireland but a quick google search and you will see that it is a celebrity favourite across the pond.

Aquagold is essentially a hybrid of mesotherapy and microneedling. It uses 20 tiny (smaller than a human hair) gold plated needles to infuse a bespoke blend of vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and even micro-botox into the skin. The precise cocktail of ingredients will be developed by your aesthetic doctor to address your specific skin concerns.

Using the Aquagold device overcomes the limitations of traditional mesotherapy and traditional microneedling by ensuring that the active ingredients are delivered reliably to where they are needed.

A typical blend would include micro-botox to reduce pore size, redness and oil production without any effect on the muscles; antioxidants such as glutathione to protect the skin against free radical damage; hyaluronic acid to improve hydration and vitamins such as Vitamin C for improved cell turnover and Vitamin B for improved barrier and radiance. Similar to Profhilo, the downtime is minimal and the results long-lasting.

With all these developments, 2019 certainly looks set to be the year of the G L O W!

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